Water Aerobic Exercise

Water aerobics consist of a series of work outs, including jogging, jumping jacks, different arm and leg movements, and other aerobic actions that occur in the shallow water, usually in a swimming pool setting. Water aerobic exercises are continually evolving to incorporate weight belts, floatation restraints, specific water trainers, and wrist and ankle weight loads, music and of course, swimming. Water aerobics can be known as aqua aerobics and is persistently increasing in popularity. Water aerobics offers a wide variety of low impact activities, is great for the cardiovascular system, offers superb strength resistance for muscle improvement, an offers the health benefits of aerobic exercise in the level of comfort and coolness of water.

Water aerobics offers a array of gains. Not only is water aerobics incredibly low impact, helping sustain and enhance muscles, your bones and joints, but these aqua exercises are less dangerous and offer significantly less overall bodily strain while boosting the actual workout so that more calories are burnt off, muscles are toned, the heart is bolstered, inches are lost and a good lifestyle is established. In addition to the obvious health benefits, water aerobics are more relaxing. The water moves against the body, offering a frequent massage of cool, relaxing water that not only kneads against aching muscles, but cools down the body keeping the temperature steady. This makes water aerobics a great alternative exercise for the elderly, who may experience troubles with their muscles, bones and joints, as well as the hot, sticky, sweaty component of regular aerobic exercise.

The most simple piece of gear needed for water aerobic exercises is the swimming suit. Most cases of water aerobic require basic equipment to help strengthen the workout, and improve water resistance and floatation. This makes it easier to workout and makes a greater overall work out. Often water free weights, floating belts, special shoes, and other specific water aerobic gear is necessary to get the most out of water immersed running, jumping jacks, cross country skiing movements, leg and arm advancement and other basic water aerobic exercises. This increases the ability to remain balanced and help leave behind undesired drifting and floating. There are a variety of swimming sneakers made by a wide range of fitness producers that offer improved water balance and grip. Swimming caps can be worn as well, if desired, to keep loose hair away from the face.

Water aerobics have become very common in those who have had trouble sticking with common exercise and aerobic plans. Because the water realocates the body weight, there is an augment in the actual amount of resistance; yet, the actual aerobics are much more comfortable and enjoyable. Water aerobics offers a wonderful and natural workout. During a very simple 35 – 45 minute workout, one might melt off as many as 600 calories! While the exact number of calories burned is dependent upon the aerobic exercises, and the amount of hard work put into the workout, the rate of fat burned is much higher than normal land aerobics.

Most modern water aerobic lessons can be found at the community gym, where there is a pool offered. Most courses consist of aerobic type movements in waist deep water, a lap around the pool, and a series of fun, heart-rate raising dance-like moves. Most contemporary sessions perform these motions and routines to music, making the experience doubly fun and relaxing for all the members. Based upon on the level of difficulty being attempted, different water aerobic lessons offer different work outs.


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